Effective from July 21, 2021.

1. Overview

Welcome and thank you for choosing Boxbit. This agreement applies to the services offered by us.

We reserve the right to change the terms of use and any service at any time and without prior notice or justification.

2. User account

2.1 The user account is for personal use only and cannot be shared with others. Only the account owner is authorized to use our services.

2.2 The user agrees to keep his authentication data confidential.

3. Use of services

3.1 You are allowed to use our services only on personal devices.

3.2 Use on hosting servers, dedicated servers, VPS (Virtual Private Server), clouds and the like is not allowed.

3.3 Proxy and VPN use with our services is not allowed.

4. Infringements

4.1 The user account may be restricted temporarily or permanently.

4.2 The user account may be blocked temporarily or permanently.

The punishment will be applied depending on the severity of the violation and preferably as mild as possible, with the aim of raising awareness of the user.

5. Refund

Due to the service model offered by Boxbit, it is not possible to guarantee the full and constant functioning of all resources, however we work with the best effort to keep as many resources as possible in operation for the user, in view of this, the user declares that he is aware and understands this business model and waives any right to a refund.

6. Credits

Some situations can generate credits in the user account (for example: paying an excess amount, paying twice, bonuses, etc.).

6.1 For each user payment, it is mandatory to use the credits available at the time to deduct the charge amount (this is already done automatically).

6.2 They are promotional and indefinitely, and can be changed or closed at any time.

6.3 The balance cannot be withdrawn unless the credit origin is from a double payment.

6.4 It cannot be exchanged, that is, the balance can be converted into credits in another currency.

6.5 They expire if not used and the user account is in "non-premium" state for 45 calendar days.

6.6 The user will receive a proportional credit if the payment approval date is greater than the subscription or renewal date.

7. Talk to us

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us.